Rolling Marble Technique & Pop of Paradise for Challenge

Marble Technique Flamingo, Pop of Paradise by Krista Thomas, For What Will You Stamp? challenge #74

I am playing along with a challenge from What Will You Stamp? which requires participants to use the stamp set, Pop of Paradise, by Stampin’ Up!


Rolling Marble Technique for Card Making

Sometimes I can’t believe how much fun I have in my craft room!  Can you believe that the background panel on this card was made with marbles and ink?  Would you like to see how it’s done?  I’d love to show you!

Marble Technique Flamingo, Pop of Paradise by Krista Thomas, What Will You Stamp challenge #74

I used Adirondack alcohol inks on the background in the following colors:  Raspberry, Watermelon and Sunset Orange plus the Alcohol Blending Solution and a dauber or cotton ball.  Allow the alcohol ink to dry.

Then  I placed that panel  into a clamshell box, temporarily glued to the lid.  I added 5 or 6 marbles and 7-8 drops of black ink.

Roll the marbles around so that they become covered in the black ink really well, then flip the box over and let those marbles roll all over your panel.

Flip the box back over and carefully open the clamshell to remove your marbled panel.  Allow ink to dry and then proceed to finish your card!

You can marble using multiple colors of ink, but you’ll need a separate clamshell (and marbles) for each color. Allow ink to dry between colors.

I hope you like my card!  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.  I love hearing from you!




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